New Session is...

Starting from scratch.

An imagined history of possible futures.

A trans hauntology.

New Session is a journal&zine of art, short stories, and poetry delivered over teletype terminals, from our modem to yours. A radical reimagining of the past internet, a look into what could've been.

New Session is released via telnet. We publish work that recreates the world from the ground up, that uses the medium of the screen to reimage the page. The internet used to be for us - a space to speak into being queer and trans futures, a time still to come free of borders, empire, and capital. Some of us write speculative fiction, poetry, ASCII art. All of us want more.

We invite submissions of fiction, poetry, and hybrid work of all genres. Send us gossip, love letters, apocalypses, tall tales, manuals, and dreamscapes.

Issue 1: May, 2021.

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